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Rick Hall: To Walk or Not to Walk

Description:  Rick Hall analyzes the economic, health and environmental implications of creating pedestrian friendly, walkable neighborhoods. While recognizing the importance of walkability to the overall effort of healthy urban development, Mr. Hal... read more »

Could the nation’s economic bust dramatically improve affordable housing?

Description:  The stimulus measures enacted by the federal government will provide opportunities for a number of struggling industries. But what result could federal funding provide for affordable housing initiatives? Learn how the economic downturn ... read more »

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Dispatches from the Front Lines

Description:  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARR Act) represents an unprecedented level of investment in our Nation’s Infrastructure. Many who work in “traditional” infrastructure have expressed concern that areas such as transport... read more »

Designing Density: Embracing the "Urban" in the New Urbanism

Description:  High-density development is an important tool in combating sprawl and climate change, and is key to achieving the critical mass that makes vital, walkable communities possible. Learn how successful urban infill projects and new urban ce... read more »

What Do We Do Now? Development Phasing for Survival and Success

Description:  Even a well-positioned mix of uses and housing types in a skillfully-executed neighborhood plan risks failure if it cannot be brought to market in an manner that balances economic efficiency with market impact. Learn how to see success ... read more »

Details of New Urbanism Part 1 – From Curb to Cupola – the New Paradigm

Description:  Hear from the experts how to adapt your project and/or product in times of Economic Crisis. Whether it’s negotiating with a difficult lender, seeking new financing, creating more affordable product types, building GREEN houses, develo... read more »

The Retail Development Crisis: What Now?

Description:  After two decades of unparalleled innovation and runaway growth, the retail industry has come to a halt. This situation affects the full range of retail projects from malls to smaller scale neighborhood retail. This session will feature... read more »

Embrace the Convergence: Recruiting Allies and Establishing Common Ground for Tough Times

Description:  With developers sitting out the economic downturn, public sector planning moves to the forefront. When times were good, we could count on the magic of the charrette and killer design to win the day. Now it's all about aligning the polit... read more »