CNU 17

Comprehensive New Urbanism for Comprehensive Plans

Description:  Explore the application of the Charter and the Canons of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism to city-level comprehensive plans, as leaders from design, planning, transportation and economics illustrate how comprehensive plans can elev... read more »

Around the World in 8 Hours: International Session

Description:  Outside the US, the principles of the Congress for the New Urbanism are not a choice but a moral imperative for survival. Most countries do not subsidize the standard of living for their population, and citizens have to pay the real cos... read more »

Building Beautifully: Placing Craftsmanship Alongside Architecture and Urbanism in New Urbanism

Description:  The growing critique of many new urbanist developments is that the architecture and build quality do not measure up to the quality of the urbanism. In an era of economic uncertainty, the fear is that desperation in the development commu... read more »

Form-Based Coding for Results: What's Working, What's Not

Description:  Now that form-based codes are gaining acceptance within the planning field, it's time to critically examine what is being written and adopted. This session will look at common problems with implementing a FBC, including the work done (o... read more »

Measuring and Modeling Your Carbon

Description:  We know that New Urbanism reduces carbon emissions. But how can we accurately measure these reductions? Learn how New Urbanists are helping to refine the use of current models to make them more responsive to variations in urban form, ur... read more »

The Retail Development Crisis: What Now?

Description:  After two decades of unparalleled innovation and runaway growth, the retail industry has come to a halt. This situation affects the full range of retail projects from malls to smaller scale neighborhood retail. This session will feature... read more »

Reducing CO2 Emissions through Parking and Transportation Demand Management

Description:  People driving to and from most buildings produce more CO2 emissions than the buildings themselves. In order to meet our nation’s CO2 reduction targets, we can’t just build green buildings and invest in cleaner vehicles – we must ... read more »

Can Form-Based Coding Become a Best Practice Instead of an Exotic Alternative to Zoning?

Description:  Most form-based codes replace conventional zoning for a specific geographic area so that a physical plan can be carried out. What steps can local governments take so that form-based codes can become the norm rather than the exception? T... read more »

Highlands Garden Vilage Experience

Description:  Northwest Denver’s Highlands' Garden Village sits on 27 acres of land that formerly housed the old Elitch Gardens Amusement Park. Old Elitch’s was a Denver attraction for more than a century, operating first as a zoo and botanic gar... read more »

Implementation Strategies for Transit-Oriented Development

Description:  Though the real estate market in the US has come to a virtual standstill, one market that remains viable is Transit-Oriented Development. In fact, evidence is emerging that housing and mixed-use development within walking distance of hi... read more »