CNU 17

Designing Density: Embracing the "Urban" in the New Urbanism

Description:  High-density development is an important tool in combating sprawl and climate change, and is key to achieving the critical mass that makes vital, walkable communities possible. Learn how successful urban infill projects and new urban ce... read more »

Project for Transportation Reform Lunch

Description:  The Project for Transportation Reform (PTR), a CNU initiative promoting the implementation of connected, multi-modal street networks as the answer to many of our transportation, safety, land use and urban design problems, has made a gre... read more »

What Do We Do Now? Development Phasing for Survival and Success

Description:  Even a well-positioned mix of uses and housing types in a skillfully-executed neighborhood plan risks failure if it cannot be brought to market in an manner that balances economic efficiency with market impact. Learn how to see success ... read more »

Cost Savings for Freeway Teardowns; Replace, Prevent, Remove

Description:  America's twentieth century highway building era included freeways which cut huge swaths across our cities, decimating neighborhoods, reducing quality of life for city residents and making a devastating impact on local economies. This s... read more »

Academic Paper Presentation at CNU 17

Description:  Showcasing research on a broad range of topics about New Urbanism, a number of papers were selected for their academic rigor, originality, scholarship, and creativity. If you are interested in the most recent investigations and trends, ... read more »


Description:  The “Oslo-Denver-Initiative” (ODI) is aimed at promoting practical measures in urban and regional development to reduce the effects of climate change. Its panel of experts continues the international exchange of ideas generated by t... read more »

Achieving Sustainability Using Form-Based Codes and the Transect

Description:  Form-Based Codes have proven to be highly effective tools for enabling communities to implement their sustainability goals in many aspects ranging from reducing carbon emission by promoting compact development to promoting green infrast... read more »

Best New New Urban Books

Description:  Come meet the authors of this year's best New Urban books. Leon Krier, Rob Krier, Dhiru Thadani, Tom Low, Dan Slone, Doris Goldstein, Rob Steuteville, Jaime Correa and Anthony Flint will briefly introduce their books and be available to... read more »

Private Frontage Secrets

Description:  Some charge New Urbanists with using porches and fences as “historical pastiche.” But these devices accomplish far more. Properly-designed private frontages actually sell houses—but only if the configurations and dimensions are ri... read more »

Details of New Urbanism Part 1 – From Curb to Cupola – the New Paradigm

Description:  Hear from the experts how to adapt your project and/or product in times of Economic Crisis. Whether it’s negotiating with a difficult lender, seeking new financing, creating more affordable product types, building GREEN houses, develo... read more »