CNU 17

Opening Plenary: Accelerating the Reurbanization of America

Description:  As CNU opens its 17th annual congress, the costs of sprawl can no longer be concealed as they often were during the eras of predictably cheap oil and easy credit. A set of immense challenges in the economy, in the energy sector, and in ... read more »

Friday Morning Plenary: The Green Dividend

Description:  The Green Dividend In this timely plenary, CEOS for Cities President and CEO Carol Coletta will share insights from research showing that the urban qualities of cities — density, walkability, mixing of uses — make them dynamic and s... read more »

New Urbanism and Stormwater Management: Where is the convergence?

Description:  In most US communities, current stormwater regulations make urban development harder and more expensive. However, some state and local governments are recognizing the water quality benefit of new urbanism and reflecting it in their regu... read more »

Tools for Accessible Communities

Description:  Developing accessible communities—places that provide visitable housing and that support mobility—makes clear sense. Including supportive features at initial construction improves the supply of accessible dwellings and reduces the n... read more »

New Street Typologies/New Street Types

Description:  As communities turn from sprawl towards retrofitting existing districts and corridors, misfits between street and land use types often compromise livability, sustainability, and economic development. Learn how some cities have responded... read more »

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Dispatches from the Front Lines

Description:  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARR Act) represents an unprecedented level of investment in our Nation’s Infrastructure. Many who work in “traditional” infrastructure have expressed concern that areas such as transport... read more »

Why we need Sustainable Transportation Networks (STN)

Description:  The current economic crisis and the reality of global climate change require that we work hard at getting the most out of our existing transportation infrastructure. This session continues the CNU Initiative for Sustainable Transportati... read more »

From Policy To Technique: Complete Streets: Street Design and Multimodalism

Description:  Hear the national perspective on Complete Streets policies, with a focus on leading-edge implementation strategies from the communities of Boulder and Colorado Springs. Following the presentations, a moderated panel discussion will expl... read more »

F is for Fantastic: New Directions in Transportation Level of Service

Description:  As cities work to bring about a new generation of healthy urban places, the importance of streets as major forces shaping the urban environment is leading to development of new tools for evaluating transportation network performance. Th... read more »

The Sustainable, Affordable, Visitable, Edible Transect: New Modules for the SmartCode and other Development Codes

Description:  As the state of the economy worsens, the demand for smart planning is more urgent than ever. New Urbanists need coordinated ready-made tools to adapt quickly to changing economic, regulatory and environmental conditions. The framework o... read more »