Transportation Summit 2008

Network Modes Discussion Summary

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Consensus Building on CNU's Draft Position/Platform on Networks

Description:  (Please note that these statements are drafts) ... read more »

Reports from Subgroups of the Sustainable Transportation Networks Initiative

Description:  Presentations by one representative from each sub-groups that have been working on the following topics: 1. Defining and Measuring the Sustainable Transportation Network 2. Networks and Places 3. Networks and Modes 4. Network - Implemen... read more »

Network, Placemaking, and Sustainability

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Update on ITE's Proposed Recommended Practice for the Planning of Urban Roadway Sytems

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Implementing the Network

Description:  Best Practices and Barriers. Panel Discussion: Vince Graham, Fred Dock, and Danny Pleasant give perspectives on implementing the network. Moderator: Scott Polikov. ... read more »