Implementation Strategies for Transit-Oriented Development

Description:  Though the real estate market in the US has come to a virtual standstill, one market that remains viable is Transit-Oriented Development. In fact, evidence is emerging that housing and mixed-use development within walking distance of hi... read more »

Embrace the Convergence: Recruiting Allies and Establishing Common Ground for Tough Times

Description:  With developers sitting out the economic downturn, public sector planning moves to the forefront. When times were good, we could count on the magic of the charrette and killer design to win the day. Now it's all about aligning the polit... read more »

Public-Private Partnerships

Description:  Partnerships between local governments and private developers can be effective mechanisms to implement public policy and ensure the financial viability of New Urbanist projects. Panelists for this session described – from both the dev... read more »