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Rick Hall: To Walk or Not to Walk

Description:  Rick Hall analyzes the economic, health and environmental implications of creating pedestrian friendly, walkable neighborhoods. While recognizing the importance of walkability to the overall effort of healthy urban development, Mr. Hal... read more »

Pedestrian Oriented Streets: Human Behavior of Streets

Description:  We experience the world differently when we travel at 3 mph instead of 55 mph. We examined walking across the Transect by exploring the concepts of citywide planning for pedestrian orientation, shared streets as a design philosophy, an... read more »

Latino New Urbanism: Lessons Learned From the Southwest

Description:  Latino immigrants joining native-born Mexican-American citizens in the U.S. bring different uses of urban space to the existing built environment. Their homes, ciudades, pueblos, and ranchos are physically and socially different from th... read more »