Round and Round the Block

Description:  As America retools itself for the post-oil economy, New Urbanism offers to the Modern Movement an opportunity for redemption, for rescue from the murky depths of nihilist chic. The regenerative city can move an avante garde that has liv... read more »

CNU 17 AICP and AIA Credits

Description:  CNU 17 AICP and AIA Credits ... read more »

Saturday Night Assembly

Description:  Sustainable Development: An International Perspective The Right Honorable John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, leads off the evening plenary. During the last 9 years as Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Prescott has ... read more »

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Whatever Happened to Modernity?

Description:  Plenary address by Daniel Solomon, FAIA, to CNU XIV in Providence, R.I. We also have a slideshow (PDF 30MB) and a movie available (each part is 30-40MB): Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 ... read more »

Open Space Technology

Description:  This session allowed participants to discuss and current and potential CNU initiatives with New Urbanist leaders. Jennifer Hurley, President, Hurley-Franks & Associates Jim Kumon, Designer, Miralles Associates ... read more »