Learning from the Booming Region

Description:  As our regions grow at astounding rates, we look to the past, present, and future of regional planning for lessons learned across the country. This session explored strategies for successful transportation, housing, and environmental p... read more »

Eco-Balance Planning and New Urbanism

Description:  No existing green building certification procedure or environmental impact evaluation tool presently goes beyond a linear approach toward conserving resources. This session explored how, by incorporating Eco-Balance Planning(™) and De... read more »

Pedestrian Oriented Streets: Human Behavior of Streets

Description:  We experience the world differently when we travel at 3 mph instead of 55 mph. We examined walking across the Transect by exploring the concepts of citywide planning for pedestrian orientation, shared streets as a design philosophy, an... read more »

Revenge of the Slab Monsters

Description:  This session presented a new chapter of an ancient saga in which anti-urbanist evil-doers disguised in green raiment arm themselves with solar diagrams to spread Hilbersheimerian slab-blocks out upon the land, attacking with renewed fer... read more »

Green Buildings, Green Neighborhoods

Description:  This session uses case studies with varying approaches to green building and urban form to examine the nexus between sustainable land use and construction practices. This session explored how green builders can best integrate their proj... read more »

Narrow Streets and the Fire Truck

Description:  What happens when the desire for narrow streets collides with fire service concerns about access for ambulances and fire engines? Often one party "wins" and the other feels that its legitimate goals are compromised or ignored. It doesn'... read more »

Great Streets and Multiway Boulevard Design

Description:  This session explored the design of multi-way boulevards within the context of Great Streets, with an emphasis on recent lessons learned, the ecological design opportunities of boulevards, and some of the devils to be found in the detai... read more »

Living Diversity: Lessons for New Urbanists from the HOPE VI Experience

Description:  What lessons has HOPE VI taught us? What worked and still works? What didn't? What can the next federal public housing initiative take from and build upon HOPE VI? Raymond L. Gindroz, Co-founder and Principal, Urban Design Associates ... read more »

How to Avoid Post-Charrette Project Meltdown?

Description:  So the charrette went great. Now what? What are potential fatal flaws in the post-charrette phase that can make or break your project? How do you maintain the momentum created at the charrette through the approvals process in a changing... read more »

Creating Form-Based Comprehensive Plans

Description:  This 202 session explored the application of the Charter to city-level comprehensive plans. Panelists discussed how comprehensive plans can de-emphasize land use and focus on typology, character, and condition of place. Topics included... read more »