Green Solutions Along the Transect

Description:  A greening technique that is appropriate for T1 may not work for T5. Learn how the Transect can be used as an organizing tool to select appropriate and alternative solutions to environmental needs. Hear about projects from across the ... read more »

Affordable Housing in New Urbanism

Description:  From a policy standpoint, there are four main approaches to affordable housing relevant to New Urbanists: Developing affordable housing using tax credits and grants; increasing affordable homeownership opportunities through programs lik... read more »

2008 Driehaus Form-Based Code Institute Awards

Description:  A well-written Form-Based Code can insure the agreed upon community vision is what actually gets built. This session awarded and included an in-depth analysis of the 2008 Driehaus Form-Based Code winners. Listen to an audio recording ... read more »

Why Do Our Buildings Look Like Crap? And What Can We Do About It?

Description:  In this session, Hank Dittmar looked anew at what many call New Urbanism's Achilles' heel: making beautiful, place-appropriate buildings, the quality of our buildings. Can we improve them in spite of a housing slump? Marianne Cusato—... read more »

Sustainable Sites and LEED-ND

Description:  This session compared and contrasted how the LEED® - Neighborhood Development rating system and ASLA Sustainable Sites Initiative strive to encourage sustainble approaches to the way we plan and develop site infrastructure and open spa... read more »

The Convenient Truth: Cities and Sustainability

Description:  The relationship between cities and climate change seems little understood, even as the world awakens to global warming and exploding urban populations. New Urbanism must show that compact connected cities and suburbs with efficient bui... read more »

The Urbanism of the Large, Larger, Largest Buildings

Description:  Big box retail stores, university buildings, hospital campuses, "mega-churches" and sports stadiums are all affecting development patterns within our cities, towns, neighborhoods, blocks and streets. The immense presence of these speci... read more »

Green Council Working Session

Description:  Saturday, April 5, 2008 9:45 AM - 12:30 PM As a follow-up to the Green Council held in Alexandria, Va., this working session builds on work laid at this historic event. John Norquist presents a slideshow documenting how urbanism is a co... read more »

Right-Sizing Parking for TODs and Mixed-Use

Description:  The biggest challenge in a Transit-Oriented Development is getting the parking right. New national research proves what has been intuitively obvious: TODs are over-parked. Reducing parking to match actual performance has big implicatio... read more »

Gimme Shelter: Housing in Developing Countries

Description:  In many developing countries, unreliable infrastructure, economics, and societal needs mandate the basic principles of mixed-use new urbanism. However, scarce land, exorbitant land prices, and fear of appearing "backward" force develop... read more »