Implementing the Network

Description:  Best Practices and Barriers. Panel Discussion: Vince Graham, Fred Dock, and Danny Pleasant give perspectives on implementing the network. Moderator: Scott Polikov. ... read more »

How Communities Learn w/ Stewart Brand

Description:  Author, publisher, and futurist Stewart Brand discusses community building in a global context. Click here to listen the presentation. ... read more »

Panel Discussion - Moderated by Jacky Grimshaw

Description:  Jacky Grimshaw, of CNU and the Center for Neighborhood Technology, moderates this 1.5 hour panel discussion on sustainability. The panel includes speakers from the day's event as well as Cynthia Bryant of the California Governor's Offi... read more »

Design for Life: Sim Van der Ryn Accepts Athena Award

Description:  Sim Van der Ryn, environmental design leader, former California state architect, author, and educator accepts the Athena Award. Van der Ryn's acceptance speech is critical of the "green" movement, but offers new ways of thinking about ... read more »

Van der Ryn's Legacy w/ Peter Calthorpe

Description:  Renowned new urbanist Peter Calthorpe, of Calthorpe Associates, discusses the influence Sim Van der Ryn has had not only on his own projects, but in sustainable development over the past 40 years. Listen to Calthorpe's presentation her... read more »

Planning for a Range of Climate Scenarios w/ Peter Schwartz

Description:  Peter Schwartz of Global Business Network discusses how we can adapt our planning measures in a time of unpredictable climate. His visual presentation is available in pdf format; you can also listen to the presentation here. ... read more »

Progress Toward Sustainability From the Van der Ryn Era in Sacramento to Today w/ Judy Corbett

Description:  Judy Corbett of the Local Government Commission gives a policy update on sustainability issues in California. ... read more »

Integrating Sound Land Use Policy into Climate Change w/ Amanda Eaken

Description:  Amanda Eaken of the National Resources Defense Council gives a policy update on California's land use. ... read more »

Overview of Critical Upcoming Federal Transportation Legislation w/ Shelley Poticha

Description:  Shelley Poticha of Reconnecting America gives a policy update on federal transportation funding. You can listen to or view her presentation in pdf. Shelley Poticha is the president and CEO of Reconnecting America and the Center for Tra... read more »

Retail Recipes

Description:  Developing successful retail centers is one of the more difficult aspects of New Urbanism, where many planned centers fail to attract key retailers or to meet market performance standards. Examine successful retail design and merchandi... read more »