FBC Building Types

Description:  Organizing a code around specific building types and their precise dimensional requirements is common in form-based codes, often in contrast to using measures such as FAR, height, and density. How does the use of building types work? Wh... read more »

The Reconstruction of America

Description:  America will see more construction during the next generation than any other in the nation's history. Most of it will be the reconstruction of existing places. Combined with key demographic trends and changing preferences favoring urban... read more »

Form Based Code Organizing Principles

Description:  In Form-Based Codes, the zones are categorized by the intensity of physical form. A variety of organizing principles regulate the scale, form, and intensity of development rather than emphasizing land uses. Those organizing principles i... read more »

Latino New Urbanism: Lessons Learned From the Southwest

Description:  Latino immigrants joining native-born Mexican-American citizens in the U.S. bring different uses of urban space to the existing built environment. Their homes, ciudades, pueblos, and ranchos are physically and socially different from th... read more »

Charter Awards Ceremony 2008

Description:  The Congress for the New Urbanism's Charter Awards program recognizes today's best work in urban design, architecture, development, and placemaking. Each year CNU convenes a jury of expert urbanists to review submissions and select the ... read more »

Friday Evening Plenary with Robert Caro and the Athena Award Presentation for Allan Jacobs

Description:  Gigantism: Threat to Urbanism There are few better to speak on counterproductive interventions in the American City than Robert Caro. As Lyndon Johnson’s preeminent biographer he is no stranger to Austin or urbanism. His Pulitzer Priz... read more »

Saturday Evening Plenary with Geoffrey Anderson

Description:  In this audio clip from the Saturday Evening Plenary, Geoffrey Anderson, the Executive Director of Smart Growth America, speaks profoundly on the importance of a policymaking campaign in reaching the goals of the New Urbanism and Smart ... read more »

Opening Plenary with Henry Cisneros

Description:  CNU XVI opens with a native Texan whose embrace of New Urbanism left a lasting mark on the nation's public housing. Henry Cisneros, former secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, helped enact the HOPE VI progr... read more »

Smart Growth Streets/Emergency Responders April 2008 Workshop

Description:  Two dozen engineers, fire marshals and planners gathered in Austin, Texas, on April 1 and 2, 2008, for the first workshop of a multi-year CNU project funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to find street design solutions enc... read more »

Friday Morning Plenary: The Competitive Advantage of New Urbanism

Description:  Many real estate markets are in crisis, but not the New Urbanism. Leading developers of town centers, traditional neighborhood development, and mixed-use urban infill projects use the power of urbanism to capture regional demand, secure... read more »