International Transport Reform

Description:  How does the CNU/ITE’ “Context Sensitive Solutions in Designing Major Urban Thoroughfares for Walkable Communities” compare with other international street design manuals, especially recent efforts in the UK and Australia? Experts... read more »

Correcting the Moses Freeway

Description:  Robert Moses once said "cities are created by and for traffic" and urged that highways go through cities, not around them. This session reviewed how his ideas impacted cities across the nation, from New York to New Orleans. In an era of... read more »

Creating Form-Based Comprehensive Plans

Description:  This 202 session explored the application of the Charter to city-level comprehensive plans. Panelists discussed how comprehensive plans can de-emphasize land use and focus on typology, character, and condition of place. Topics included... read more »

CNU ITE Manual

Description:  Can we work with engineers to shape future road design to meet CNU charter principles? CNU and ITE produced "Context Sensitive Solutions in Developing Major Urban Thoroughfares for Walkable Communities" as a recommended practice. Now ... read more »

Smart Transit

Description:  Successful transit-oriented development requires a balance of transit design to welcome development, retrofitting streets to slow traffic, the right mix of development products, and achieving a community consensus. This session looks at... read more »

Form-Based Codes as a Tool to Preserve and Evolve Small-Town Downtowns

Description:  Practitioners discuss how form-based codes succeed in promoting orderly downtown development, from mixed-use Main Streets to adjacent neighborhoods. Topics include protecting/enhancing community identity; encouraging the right uses for ... read more »

Harnessing the Multi-Generational Demand for Urbanism

Description:  The Boomers are retiring and tiring of their McManisons, while Gen Y is emerging and struggling to afford starter homes. Both are looking to vibrant urban places to provide their perfect lifestyle answers. This panel of design, develop... read more »

Wednesday Evening Plenary

Description:  This informal plenary session with Austin Mayor Will Wynn and architect Sinclair Black showcased the city as a place of booming urbanism and cutting-edge green technology. Mayor Will Wynn discussed global warming and the city's efforts ... read more »

Urban Lab 2: The Right Mix

Description:  This interactive lab explored the mix of retail with other land uses (e.g., office, civic, residential) that benefit nearby neighborhoods and provide synergy with the streetcar along the corridor. Participants evaluated potential build... read more »

Urban Lab 1: Coding to Accommodate New Development in an Evolving Neighborhood

Description:  Using transect- and form-based coding methods, participants in the charrette-style lab developed strategies to balance positive redevelopment with the protection and enhancement of adjacent neighborhoods. They also investigated the sp... read more »