Advanced Application of the Transect in Form-Based Coding

Description:  Most of the best Form-Based Codes being produced today use the Transect as a framework, demonstrating its power as a regulatory system and lexicon. Many of these applications aren’t “out of the box,” but thoughtful adaptations. So... read more »

Project for Transportation Reform Lunch

Description:  CNU’s Project for Transportation Reform continues to advance on a number of different fronts. In November, CNU will host its Sixth Transportation Summit in Charlotte, NC. This year’s summit will be devoted entirely to transportati... read more »

Saturday Morning Plenary with HRH Prince of Wales and Peter Calthorpe

Description:  CNU members were treated to a special video message from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, who has been a leading figure in promoting sustainable building through the practice of traditional architecture and urbanism. The Prince r... read more »

Eco-Balance Planning and New Urbanism

Description:  No existing green building certification procedure or environmental impact evaluation tool presently goes beyond a linear approach toward conserving resources. This session explored how, by incorporating Eco-Balance Planning(™) and De... read more »

Open Space and Urban Nodes: A Club Sandwich or Bowl of Grapes?

Description:  New urbanist conservation development pairs clustered activity nodes with open space preservation. If these nodes don’t integrate with neighbors and transportation networks, we get a “bowl of grapes” -- disconnected development an... read more »

Accessible Communities: Accommodating Our Booming Population

Description:  Vibrant communities accommodate aging and diversity! Presenters explained why it’s critical to design visitable homes across all transects and will show visitable housing prototypes developed by UDA (for Habitat), the IDEA Center at S... read more »

Public-Private Partnerships

Description:  Partnerships between local governments and private developers can be effective mechanisms to implement public policy and ensure the financial viability of New Urbanist projects. Panelists for this session described – from both the dev... read more »

Pedestrian Oriented Streets: Human Behavior of Streets

Description:  We experience the world differently when we travel at 3 mph instead of 55 mph. We examined walking across the Transect by exploring the concepts of citywide planning for pedestrian orientation, shared streets as a design philosophy, an... read more »

The Mythical Parking Shortage: Why Provide Excess Parking?

Description:  Parking requirements are a principal difference between the New Urbanism and the old, and a stronger determinant of urban form than density or FAR. How can we accommodate the automobile while allowing for good urban form? From innovat... read more »

Revenge of the Slab Monsters

Description:  This session presented a new chapter of an ancient saga in which anti-urbanist evil-doers disguised in green raiment arm themselves with solar diagrams to spread Hilbersheimerian slab-blocks out upon the land, attacking with renewed fer... read more »