Open Source Congress

Description:  A Report on the Open Source Congress at CNU XVI- notes from discussions related to new urbanism, ideas for new initiatives and projects, and contact information for people interested in those topics and projects. This document is a reso... read more »

Open Space Technology

Description:  This session allowed participants to discuss and current and potential CNU initiatives with New Urbanist leaders. Jennifer Hurley, President, Hurley-Franks & Associates Jim Kumon, Designer, Miralles Associates ... read more »

Sustainable Thinking and Architectural Form

Description:  Sustainable design considerations open new possibilities for architectural forms to reflect and recognize our respect for life and living processes. Blending new technologies with a deep understanding of tradition can create opportuniti... read more »

Retail Recipes

Description:  Developing successful retail centers is one of the more difficult aspects of New Urbanism, where many planned centers fail to attract key retailers or to meet market performance standards. Examine successful retail design and merchandi... read more »

Green Solutions Along the Transect

Description:  A greening technique that is appropriate for T1 may not work for T5. Learn how the Transect can be used as an organizing tool to select appropriate and alternative solutions to environmental needs. Hear about projects from across the ... read more »

Envision Central Texas Open Session

Description:  Internationally recognized regional and urban planner Peter Calthorpe, consultant for the extensive Envision Central Texas visioning project, examined the rationale for regional visioning, ECT's progress and the next steps to make the r... read more »

Affordable Housing in New Urbanism

Description:  From a policy standpoint, there are four main approaches to affordable housing relevant to New Urbanists: Developing affordable housing using tax credits and grants; increasing affordable homeownership opportunities through programs lik... read more »

2008 Driehaus Form-Based Code Institute Awards

Description:  A well-written Form-Based Code can insure the agreed upon community vision is what actually gets built. This session awarded and included an in-depth analysis of the 2008 Driehaus Form-Based Code winners. Listen to an audio recording ... read more »

Tall Towers: Purposeful Density or Loose Tower Disease?

Description:  Is the current movement of returning downtown to live in towers promoting livable cities, or are such towers a blight on urbanism. Who is right? This session showed three points of view: No tall buildings; managed districts based on spe... read more »

Why Do Our Buildings Look Like Crap? And What Can We Do About It?

Description:  In this session, Hank Dittmar looked anew at what many call New Urbanism's Achilles' heel: making beautiful, place-appropriate buildings, the quality of our buildings. Can we improve them in spite of a housing slump? Marianne Cusato—... read more »