Highways to Boulevards

Hunts Point Market

To remove, or not to remove, that is the question! Community activist groups and Bronx, NY residents have long awaited the decision of the Sheridan Expressway's fate. Mayor Bloomberg and the city answered their questions this past summer: the removal option was off the table. This decision was large... read more »

2012 Transportation Summit Session- Highways to Boulevards

The 2012 CNU Transportation Summit will held in Long Beach, CA September 9-10, 2012. This will be a working meeting for a day-and-a-half that will advance CNU's Project for Transportation Reform and facilitate the exchange of ideas and lessons between New Urbanists and bike and pedestrian ... read more »

Claiborne Avenue: "Denuded of its trees...terrifying in its stark deformity"

A recent article in the Louisiana Cultural Vistas magazine documents the transformation of Claiborne Avenue from a "mid-20th century linear park" to an elevated, limited access freeway. Author John T. Magill delves into the history of the avenue to show how its construction into a highway opened up ... read more »

The Cost of Mobility in Louisville

The Louisville Ohio River Bridges Project, a joint effort by Kentucky and Indiana to expand the junction of I-65, I-71 and I-64, aims to break ground on the East End Crossing in August. Let’s take a moment to reflect on how these changes will affect Louisvillians. Louisville residents already trav... read more »

Urban Freeway Teardown at CNU 20

CNU's John Norquist moderated the "Urban Freeways: Devastation and Opportunity" panel at CNU 20 in West Palm Beach this year. Panelists included Mayor John DeStefano, Jr., Tony Garcia, and Alison Richardson. Richardson, landscape architect, discussed the often forgotten parks in Boston's Big Dig, Ga... read more »

Sheridan Expressway Removal Faces Obstacles

As of May 2012, New York City has officially taken the Sheridan Expressway removal option off the table from its TIGER II funded study. The Sheridan-Hunts Point Land Use and Transportation Study, embraced by community stakeholders and residents, aimed to weigh the benefits of replacing the aging exp... read more »

Freeways without Futures: Possibilities for Urban Freeway Removal in Chicago

If you are not already aware of CNU’s Highways-to-Boulevards initiative, CNU believes replacing urban freeways with surface streets, boulevards, and avenues is the most cost-effective, and value-producing option for cities with aging grade-separated roads. The Highways-to-Boulevards Initiative uni... read more »

Lucy Saves Main Street from Evil Freeway

Who knew Lucy was a Highways-to-Boulevards advocate? Click through the link to watch “Lucy Saves Main Street from Evil Freeway,” a 1967 episode of “The Lucy Show” in which Lucy petitions to save the historic town of Bancroft from highway development.  Watch the show by clicking here.&n... read more »

The Life and Death of Urban Highways

The Institute for Development and Planning & EMBARQ released "The Life and Death of Urban Highways" today. The report details the necessary transformation of urban highways to come and the benefits of current and past projects. ... read more »