Metro High Capactiy Transit System Plan

Description:  Metro High Capacity Transit System Plan View more documents from Congress for the New Urbanism. ... read more »

Integrating Transit into Urbanism: Key Ingredients for Success

Description:  Do standards for transit and TOD risk losing the unique character of places? Or can we use these standards to guarantee performance? Explore the ingredients that have been critical in creating successful and high-performing places aroun... read more »

Implementation Strategies for Transit-Oriented Development

Description:  Though the real estate market in the US has come to a virtual standstill, one market that remains viable is Transit-Oriented Development. In fact, evidence is emerging that housing and mixed-use development within walking distance of hi... read more »

The State of Mass Transit in Rhode Island

Description:  6/2/06 11:30am-12:30pm As the development scene in Rhode Island continues to heat up, many levels of state and local government are looking to see how the transit system can be tailored to provide the most effective connections between... read more »