form-based codes

2008 Driehaus Form-Based Code Institute Awards

Description:  A well-written Form-Based Code can insure the agreed upon community vision is what actually gets built. This session awarded and included an in-depth analysis of the 2008 Driehaus Form-Based Code winners. Listen to an audio recording ... read more »

Value Capture Through TOD and Form-Based Codes

Description:  Transit-Oriented Developments can harness substantial value. Value capture has become critical to the symbiosis of transportation infrastructure and the projects that make TODs thrive. Success in places like Denver, Colorado, Dallas an... read more »

Form-Based Codes as a Tool to Preserve and Evolve Small-Town Downtowns

Description:  Practitioners discuss how form-based codes succeed in promoting orderly downtown development, from mixed-use Main Streets to adjacent neighborhoods. Topics include protecting/enhancing community identity; encouraging the right uses for ... read more »

Form-Based Codes: Significant Work in Progress

Description:  6/3/06 4:00pm-5:00pm Form-based codes are rapidly being prepared and adopted across the U.S. in ever-increasing numbers. This panel will review form-based coding efforts underway in several states, explore differences in practice, and f... read more »