Green Council 2007

The Green Mile

Description:  Thomas M. Gallas presents The Green Mile: Aligning Firm Ideology with Sustainability. ... read more »

Sustainable Urbanism

Description:  Doug Farr presents on Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature ... read more »

Green Building (Juried Presentation)

Description:  Paul Murrain presents on Sherford, UK, a newly built town modeled after traditional urbanism. ... read more »

"What Can the Schools Do?"

Description:  Doug Kelbaugh's presentation includes bubble maps on worldwide energy and sustainability. Ellen Dunham-Jones of Georgia Tech gives a presentation on schools and sustainable architecture. ... read more »

Vehicle Miles Traveled by Urbanized Area

Description:  Richard Hall and DeWayne Carver discuss sustainability and automobile use in American cities. ... read more »

The Ark Module

Description:  The presentation has four components: a definition of the primordial idea of the city as a fusion of art and science; an establishment of the concepts of architectural typology and urban design as part of an algorithmic systems view of ... read more »

Traditional Green Building

Description:  In this presentation, Ben Pentreath, explains the importance of traditional architecture in the green building movement. ... read more »

Green Development

Description:  Harriet Tregoning gives a presentation on green development and its role in new urbanism. ... read more »

Challenges Ahead, Greening the New Urbanism

Description:  Hank Dittmar, CNU Board Chair and CEO of the Princes's Foundation for the Built Environment, presents on new urbanism and sustainability in the UK. ... read more »

Green Building Research

Description:  Ben Bolgar of the Prince's Foundation presents his research on green urban design and coding. ... read more »