Summit Presentation

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Rick Hall: To Walk or Not to Walk

Description:  Rick Hall analyzes the economic, health and environmental implications of creating pedestrian friendly, walkable neighborhoods. While recognizing the importance of walkability to the overall effort of healthy urban development, Mr. Hal... read more »


Description:  This in-depth primer on the history, principles, and concepts of New Urbanism will provide Congress attendees the opportunity to hear Andrés Duany and other founding members of the movement discuss why New Urbanism works. The daylong ... read more »

Prospects for Pedestrian-Oriented Retail in the New Economic Reality

Description:  At a time when walkable retail formats were beginning to flourish, the global economic crisis has left retailers scrambling to adapt to changing market conditions. Examine the future of walk-to retail spots for pedestrians, and how curr... read more »

Optimizing Urban Structure: Toward an Integrated New Urbanist Model

Description:  Urban structuring must optimize access, exchange, retail, ‘Movement Economy’, and public transport from neighborhoods to regions and their centers. But modern impediments include America’s ‘Functional Classification’ road syst... read more »

Network Modes Discussion Summary

... read more »

Consensus Building on CNU's Draft Position/Platform on Networks

Description:  (Please note that these statements are drafts) ... read more »

Reports from Subgroups of the Sustainable Transportation Networks Initiative

Description:  Presentations by one representative from each sub-groups that have been working on the following topics: 1. Defining and Measuring the Sustainable Transportation Network 2. Networks and Places 3. Networks and Modes 4. Network - Implemen... read more »