Summit Presentation

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Stuart Gwin: Transportation Networks

Description:  Transportation Networks View more documents from Congress for the New Urbanism. ... read more »

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John Fregonese: How Does Transportation and Network Planning Address Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Description:  John Fregonese of Fregonese Associates provides an integral link between land use and development and the growing awareness of our need to reduce our carbon footprint. This presentation discusses how density, diversity, design, destina... read more »

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Scott Bernstein: Where Did Those Rules Come From? Observations From Contemporary Historians on Networks and Highways

Description:  This presentation from Scott Bernstein highlights the origins of contemporary network and highway legislation while reminding us about the influence of contemporary historians who have greatly influenced discussion surrounding transport... read more »

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Rex Burkholder: Metro Update on the Regional Transportation Plan

Description:  While outlining principles that contribute to successful community and regional planning designs, Metro Councilor Rex Burkholder discusses the importance of the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Metro's unique role in implementing ... read more »

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Robert Liberty: Adopting and Implementing a Metropolitan Plan: Portland Metro's Experience

Description:  Metro Councilor Robert Liberty discusses and presents work that Metro is doing in an effort to produce environmentally and pedestrian friendly communities, while preserving and investing in the communities that already exist. Mr. Liber... read more »

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Todd Litman: Where We Want To Be: Home Location Preferences And Their Implications For New Urbanism

Description:  Todd Litman of the Victoria Transportation Institute reports on the history of desirability of living locations, and how our automobile dependent society has fueled sprawl development. Mr. Litman also outlines the benefits of Smart Gro... read more »

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Rolland M. Crawford: International Code Council (ICC): 2009 Code Development Process

Description:  Presenter Rolland M. Crawford, Retired Fire Chief and Fire Marshal provides a brief overview of the 2009 schedule of proposed code changes that will influence and improve smart city planning. The 2009 Portland Summit focused on the imp... read more »

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Norman Garrick: Street Networks: Traffic Safety, Travel Mode Choice and Emergency Services

Description:  Norman Garrick compares street network design from pre-1950 and post-1950, factors that help determine the overall safety of safe pedestrian travel, and explains why it is so obvious that the pandemic of sprawl development is to blame f... read more »

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John Norquist: Emergency Response and Street Design Initiative

Description:  John Norquist, CNU's President and CEO outlines the importance of narrower, interconnected street networks, and how connectivity, ranging from the regional scale to the local neighborhood, block and street scale is contrary to common th... read more »

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Andy Cotugno:Driving and the Built Environment:Effects of Compact Development on Motorized Travel, Energy Use, and CO2 Emissions

Description:  Andy Cotugno examines the relationship between land development patterns and motor vehicle travel in the U.S. and assess whether petroleum use and CO2 emissions could be reduced by changes in development design. Mr. Cotugno reveals how... read more »