Concurrent Session

Oil and Gas Update by James Howard Kunstler*

Description:  Jim Kunstler, author of "Home From Nowhere" and "The Long Emergency," will update new urbanists on the future of oil supplies and prices. A future with scarce oil will have dire implications for the U.S. economy and especially for auto-... read more »

Louisiana Speaks: Pattern Book and Toolkit

Description:  Learn about the Louisiana Recovery Foundation’s manuals to guide the reconstruction effort. The Louisiana Speaks Pattern Book provides regional urban and architectural patterns for homeowners repairing their houses, builders replacing... read more »

The Detroit Sessions Part II: Detroit Developers and Their Projects*

Description:  The American city most damaged in the post-war era may stand to gain the most in the 21st century. A panel of experienced Detroit developers will lay the foundation for a new wave of “Motor City” development. They will share their e... read more »

The Detroit Sessions Part I: Downtown Development Strategies*

Description:  Conventional wisdom fails to capture downtown Detroit’s potential, from its institutional assets to its excellent architecture. Building on the 9th annual University of Michigan Detroit Charrette and the Brookings Institution study of... read more »

New Urbanist Work in New Orleans

Description:  Despite a concerted attempt by certain factions to keep the new urbanists out of New Orleans, the wall eventually fell. Andres Duany and Ray Gindroz give their perspectives on the slow, often agonizing rebuilding of the city Andres deem... read more »

Retail Along the Transect: Getting It Right in Urban Environments*

Description:  This session will look at where retail fits along the Transect and offer lessons learned from a major retail/mixed-use developer. Discover techniques and strategies for developing urban mixed-use projects in a suburban market context, i... read more »

Saturday Morning Plenary*

Description:  The State of the CNU Join CNU Board Chair Hank Dittmar, President and CEO John Norquist and other board members as they present an overview of CNU’s 2007 strategic plan. This 18-month effort lays out a strategy for enabling and promot... read more »

Green, Fair, and Fun: Local Living Economies

Description:  The Local Living Economy movement offers solutions to the dual challenges of climate change and peak oil. It envisions a decentralized global network of independent, locally owned businesses and farms that not only reduces transportatio... read more »

Beyond the Blue: What's Next for CNU, ITE and the Project for Transportation Reform?

Description:  The CNU/ITE collaboration on Context Sensitive Solutions for Major Urban Thoroughfares has been a Proposed Recommended Practice for over a year. CNU members and others recently submitted comments that will determine the future of this d... read more »

New Urbanism & The Old City

Description:  Definite differences exist between the “Old Urbanism” and the New Urbanism, most clearly manifested in the work done within the existing historic city. Unlike prior attempts at creating a more competitive inner city by making it mor... read more »