Saturday Morning Plenary

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Friday Night Plenary

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D- Retrofitting Suburbia

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Friday Morning Plenary

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Athena Medal Awards Plenary

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Closing Plenary: Charles Waldheim and Andres Duany Discuss Landscape Urbanism

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International Forum

Description:  The International Forum will feature short presentations by international developers discussing how their projects incorporate, adapt, and localize the principles of New Urbanism. In addition to incorporating best practices of urbanism,... read more »

Honoring Lifetime Achievements in New Urbanism and CNU 18 Preview

Description:  CNU will honor New Urbanists who have influenced and shaped the new urbanist movement. Stefanos Polyzoides will honor former board member and pioneering New Urbanist Paul Crawford. Crawford’s advocacy of pedestrian-oriented communitie... read more »

Saturday Evening Closing Plenary and Charter Award Ceremony

Description:  Peter Park Manager of the Denver Community Planning and Development Department and host for CNU 17 will give an overview of lessons learned from the CNU 17 Experiences, the immersive learning experiences in Denver's most significant new... read more »

Opening Plenary: Accelerating the Reurbanization of America

Description:  As CNU opens its 17th annual congress, the costs of sprawl can no longer be concealed as they often were during the eras of predictably cheap oil and easy credit. A set of immense challenges in the economy, in the energy sector, and in ... read more »