Advancing Urbanism Through School Reform

Description:  6/2/06 11:30-12:30pm New urbanists have identified neighborhood diversity as an essential component of healthy communities and that it is much more likely to endure in urban settings with mixed uses, higher densities, transit, and an ab... read more »

K-12 Schools and Urban Living: Are They Compatible?*

Description:  Metropolitan areas supporting multiple school districts offer families of means the opportunity to relocate to the suburbs, isolating themselves from lower-income families. Combined with location and site requirements, current K-12 scho... read more »

Education Lunch: Contributed Scholarly Papers Session*

Description:  Showcasing research on a broad range of topics about New Urbanism, six papers were selected for their academic rigor, scholarship, originality, and creativity. Each presentation will last 15 minutes, with a 5-minute question-and-answer ... read more »