Emergency Response

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Rolland M. Crawford: International Code Council (ICC): 2009 Code Development Process

Description:  Presenter Rolland M. Crawford, Retired Fire Chief and Fire Marshal provides a brief overview of the 2009 schedule of proposed code changes that will influence and improve smart city planning. The 2009 Portland Summit focused on the imp... read more »

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Norman Garrick: Street Networks: Traffic Safety, Travel Mode Choice and Emergency Services

Description:  Norman Garrick compares street network design from pre-1950 and post-1950, factors that help determine the overall safety of safe pedestrian travel, and explains why it is so obvious that the pandemic of sprawl development is to blame f... read more »

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John Norquist: Emergency Response and Street Design Initiative

Description:  John Norquist, CNU's President and CEO outlines the importance of narrower, interconnected street networks, and how connectivity, ranging from the regional scale to the local neighborhood, block and street scale is contrary to common th... read more »

Emergency Response & Street Design: Oct. 4, 2008, Working Group Meeting

Description:  These presentations were made at the Emergency Response & Street Design Initiative's working group that met in Denver, Colo. They helped form the Initiative's approach to developing code language for submission to the International ... read more »

Emergency Responder Perspective from Charlotte, North Carolina

Description:  Presentation by Danny Pleasant, Charlotte Department of Transportation, on how a connected street network provides better emergency response while saving tax dollars. ... read more »

Building Narrow Streets While Accommodating Timely Emergency Response*

Description:  Narrow streets are considered advantageous for walkable and livable neighborhoods. This session will focus on the principles and best practices of healthy street designs that work for everyone, featuring access management steps that inc... read more »