The Retail Development Crisis: What Now?

Description:  After two decades of unparalleled innovation and runaway growth, the retail industry has come to a halt. This situation affects the full range of retail projects from malls to smaller scale neighborhood retail. This session will feature... read more »

Prospects for Pedestrian-Oriented Retail in the New Economic Reality

Description:  At a time when walkable retail formats were beginning to flourish, the global economic crisis has left retailers scrambling to adapt to changing market conditions. Examine the future of walk-to retail spots for pedestrians, and how curr... read more »

The Urbanism of the Large, Larger, Largest Buildings

Description:  Big box retail stores, university buildings, hospital campuses, "mega-churches" and sports stadiums are all affecting development patterns within our cities, towns, neighborhoods, blocks and streets. The immense presence of these speci... read more »

Urban Lab 2: The Right Mix

Description:  This interactive lab explored the mix of retail with other land uses (e.g., office, civic, residential) that benefit nearby neighborhoods and provide synergy with the streetcar along the corridor. Participants evaluated potential build... read more »

Retail Along the Transect: Getting It Right in Urban Environments*

Description:  This session will look at where retail fits along the Transect and offer lessons learned from a major retail/mixed-use developer. Discover techniques and strategies for developing urban mixed-use projects in a suburban market context, i... read more »