The Sustainable, Affordable, Visitable, Edible Transect: New Modules for the SmartCode and other Development Codes

Description:  As the state of the economy worsens, the demand for smart planning is more urgent than ever. New Urbanists need coordinated ready-made tools to adapt quickly to changing economic, regulatory and environmental conditions. The framework o... read more »

Achieving Sustainability Using Form-Based Codes and the Transect

Description:  Form-Based Codes have proven to be highly effective tools for enabling communities to implement their sustainability goals in many aspects ranging from reducing carbon emission by promoting compact development to promoting green infrast... read more »

Private Frontage Secrets

Description:  Some charge New Urbanists with using porches and fences as “historical pastiche.” But these devices accomplish far more. Properly-designed private frontages actually sell houses—but only if the configurations and dimensions are ri... read more »

Comprehensive New Urbanism for Comprehensive Plans

Description:  Explore the application of the Charter and the Canons of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism to city-level comprehensive plans, as leaders from design, planning, transportation and economics illustrate how comprehensive plans can elev... read more »

Advanced Application of the Transect in Form-Based Coding

Description:  Most of the best Form-Based Codes being produced today use the Transect as a framework, demonstrating its power as a regulatory system and lexicon. Many of these applications aren’t “out of the box,” but thoughtful adaptations. So... read more »

Eco-Balance Planning and New Urbanism

Description:  No existing green building certification procedure or environmental impact evaluation tool presently goes beyond a linear approach toward conserving resources. This session explored how, by incorporating Eco-Balance Planning(™) and De... read more »

Pedestrian Oriented Streets: Human Behavior of Streets

Description:  We experience the world differently when we travel at 3 mph instead of 55 mph. We examined walking across the Transect by exploring the concepts of citywide planning for pedestrian orientation, shared streets as a design philosophy, an... read more »

Developing Across the Transect in Philadelphia*

Description:  Four new urbanist developers from across the Delaware Valley discuss the challenges of creating mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods in one of America's oldest metropolitan areas. From urban infill in Center City to greenfield Traditional ... read more »

Form Based Codes: Significant Work in Progress*

Description:  Form-Based Codes are being rapidly prepared and adopted across the U.S. in ever-increasing numbers. This panel will review transect-based coding efforts in several states, including infill along the damaged Gulf Coast. It will explore d... read more »

Retail Along the Transect: Getting It Right in Urban Environments*

Description:  This session will look at where retail fits along the Transect and offer lessons learned from a major retail/mixed-use developer. Discover techniques and strategies for developing urban mixed-use projects in a suburban market context, i... read more »