New Urbanism & The Old City

Description:  Definite differences exist between the “Old Urbanism” and the New Urbanism, most clearly manifested in the work done within the existing historic city. Unlike prior attempts at creating a more competitive inner city by making it mor... read more »

Affordable Housing: The Vitality of Design*

Description:  Design has a major impact on how communities are perceived by their city and greater region as a whole. Learn creative design elements and financing vehicles currently utilized by leading designers and developers. Speakers will discuss ... read more »

Big City Zoning

Description:  Big cities across the nation are overhauling their zoning codes to encourage good development and design practices. This session will focus on the successful approaches used to obtain broad community and political support for a new zoni... read more »

New Urbanism for All: Meeting the Affordability Challenge

Description:  A growing number of new urbanists seek to address the problem of increasing segregation and decreasing affordability. Learn how New Urbanism will meet the 21st century challenge of socially inclusive neighborhood development. Explore a ... read more »

The Other Illness*

Description:  Our beloved planet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness - the carbon catastrophe. The tiresome thing about people with terminal diseases is that they can’t think about anything else. Fortunately, perhaps, the world has a second ... read more »

Access, Urbanism and the Future of Cities*

Description:  Despite the existence of the ADA and Federal Fair Housing Act, many who need it continue to encounter a lack of accessibility. Many new urbanists fear the loss of traditional building types while accessibility advocates believe they can... read more »