Charter Awards Luncheon

Description:  Honoring the best of the New Urbanism, the annual Charter Awards recognize expertly designed developments that enhance or repair their built and natural environments by fulfilling the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism. ... read more »

The Mythical Parking Shortage: Managing Supply and Demand*

Description:  Parking requirements are a principal difference between the New Urbanism and the old. Today, the strongest determinant of urban form is neither density, nor floor/area ratio, but parking spaces. How can we accommodate the automobile whi... read more »

Mr. DOT Secretary, Tear Down this Wall*

Description:  While the economic benefits of removing urban freeways are well documented, the transportation benefits are still debated. Questions about the impact on traffic can present an obstacle to revitalization. Experiences from San Francisco a... read more »

Mississippi Planning: The Gulf's Response to New Urbanist Codes, Plans, and Housing*

Description:  Communities of the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast, suddenly forced to address significant community building problems, may end up leading the nation in cutting-edge rebuilding ideas. New urbanist involvement, from the Mississippi Renewal ... read more »

Details of New Urbanism: Curb to Cupola Round 2

Description:  The quality of new urbanist developments can be found in the details. In this sequel to a popular CNU XIV seminar, learn from the experts about the little things that make a big difference in creating great places. This session will fo... read more »

Incorporating New Urbanism into Comprehensive Plans*

Description:  This session will explore new urbanist comprehensive plans, which de-emphasize land use and instead focus on typology, character, and condition of place. Panelists will review the differences between new urbanist and conventional plans ... read more »

Putting Traffic in Its Place: Using the New CNU/ITE Manual*

Description:  Implementers of the ITE/CNU manual on urban thoroughfares must manage and put into perspective concerns about traffic volume. This workshop will present traditional transportation principles, highlighting the role of the network, and w... read more »

Sunday Closing Plenary*

Description:  New Urbanism Is Almost All Right? CNU Board member Ellen Dunham-Jones will introduce acclaimed urbanist Denise Scott Brown,recipient of the Athena Medal. CNU recognizes Brown for her extensive contribution of writings and projects, as w... read more »

Saturday Evening Plenary*

Description:  Opening Welcome John Norquist, President and CEO of CNU, will introduce Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA), Chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services. Since the departure of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, no other member of e... read more »

Location, Location, Location: True Affordability Measurement Gives an Old Saw New Bite*

Description:  The question of housing affordability is generally addressed through median home price analysis, yet, residents commit a good portion of their income getting to and from their homes. All too often, buyers fail to consider the relationsh... read more »