Press and New Urbanism Engaging media: If We’re So Smart, Why Don’t Reporters and Editors Always Agree with Us?*

Description:  Over the last two years, New Urbanism has attracted more media coverage than at any time in its history; yet, many planners and architects complain that too many reporters ignore what we consider major stories. Moreover, when they do fe... read more »

Transfer of Development Rights: Saving Farms, Strengthening Neighborhoods*

Description:  A growing number of states are advancing the transfer of development rights to preserve agricultural lands and traditions. Learn how this legislation is being used in Florida, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. With particular emphasis on Ch... read more »

Looking Beyond LEED For Neighborhood Development*

Description:  LEED For Neighborhood Development is expected to encourage more walkable, mixed-use, environmentally responsible development. At its heart, however, the LEED-ND “checklist” fails to compel us to create an urbanism both environmental... read more »

Why Do Our Buildings Look Like Crap? Exploring The Role of Building Crafts in New Urbanism*

Description:  Time and again, critics laud new urbanist planning while panning its architecture. In a session moderated by Hank Dittmar, a group of developers and designers will explore an alternate idea: despite the perception of new urbanist archit... read more »

Managing Walkable Urbanity*

Description:  The dramatic impact of business improvement districts (BIDs) over the last two decades has confirmed that urban design alone does not make for great urban spaces. Management is key. The success of BIDS has led them to expand beyond effe... read more »

Stormwater Management for Urbanists*

Description:  Satisfying increasingly rigorous stormwater management requirements in new urbanist developments remains both an art and a science. Rising density raises the challenge. Proper design and implementation of stormwater management systems c... read more »

Globalizing New Urbanism: It's a Big World Out There*

Description:  As affluence increases in developing countries like China and India, common sense within the development community seems to decrease—just as it did in the United States. Current trends reject time-honored patterns of urban fabric in f... read more »

New Urbanism 101*

Description:  An in-depth primer on the history, principles, and concepts of New Urbanism. This day-long course provides an illustrated introduction to New Urbanism and a foundation in key concepts such as suburban retrofits, revitalization, and the ... read more »

New Initiatives Forum*

Description:  Would you like to start a new initiative? Hash out a thorny new urbanist issue with colleagues? Join CNU initiative leaders in collaborative discussions about future projects. Accessibility and affordability were just two of the many in... read more »

Developing Across the Transect in Philadelphia*

Description:  Four new urbanist developers from across the Delaware Valley discuss the challenges of creating mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods in one of America's oldest metropolitan areas. From urban infill in Center City to greenfield Traditional ... read more »