LEED For Neighborhood Development Working Session*

Description:  CNU has partnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council and the U.S. Green Building Council to certify neighborhood development projects through the LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system. The pilot version of the certific... read more »

New Urbanism and Comprehensive Plans*

Description:  Explore innovative applications of the Charter of the New Urbanism to comprehensive plans. This session will review how to de- emphasize land use and focus on typology, character, and condition of place. Using case studies from across t... read more »

K-12 Schools and Urban Living: Are They Compatible?*

Description:  Metropolitan areas supporting multiple school districts offer families of means the opportunity to relocate to the suburbs, isolating themselves from lower-income families. Combined with location and site requirements, current K-12 scho... read more »

Village Green/Green Village: An Approach to Civic Ecology*

Description:  The public realm of a town or city can be designed to enhance both the sociability and the environmental quality of a place. A series of case studies will illustrate the thesis that landscape is not cosmetic, but intrinsic to the form a... read more »

Multiway Boulevards: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow*

Description:  This session explores the many dimensions of multiway boulevards, from their early history, evolution, adaptation, and fall into disfavor in American cities to their rediscovered appropriateness today as complex, multi-modal places. Thr... read more »

Beyond Farmland Preservation*

Description:  Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has a well-deserved, nationally renowned reputation for progressive County-wide planning. This session will summarize the process by which both developers and municipal leaders of this Central Pennsylvani... read more »

The Battle Over the Public Realm: Fighting for Civic Life in Privatized Streets and Parks*

Description:  What consequences emerge when homeowners' associations, developers, or special taxing districts privately own or maintain our streets, parks and other apparently public spaces? Can real civic life exist within privatized space, and can ... read more »

A Competitive Agenda for Pennsylvania*

Description:  Pennsylvania is slowly transitioning from an industrial past to a knowledge economy,and the state’s development patterns—slow growth, fast sprawl, struggling cities, and older suburbs—undermine its competitive future. Building on ... read more »

Implementing Form-Based Codes*

Description:  More and more cities across the country are adopting form-based codes. The process of form-based code (including SmartCode) preparation is well-documented, but what happens after official adoption? Experienced form-based code practition... read more »

New Urbanism in Latin America*

Description:  Cultural, formal and conceptual adaptations are not unfamiliar to the New Urbanism. This session will present Latin American development case studies involving the dissemination of academic information, the design and implementation of ... read more »