Napkin Sketch meets Google Earth

This is why we come to #CNU17: Chatting last night at happy hour with Sinclair Black, Austin architect-planner (and CNU Athena medal winner), we met the new planning manager in tiny neighboring Hutto, ... read more »

Selling The Green Urban Advantage

Here's the condensed takeaway of this #CNU17 session: If CNU wants to have an impact on climate change, it needs to communicate with the public in something other than wonk-planner-insider speak. ... read more »

CNU17 – Landing in Denver

CNU 17 has opened on an optimistic note. Denver is a city born of and grown with optimism, like so many other Western cities. ... read more »

Top Down or Bottoms Up?

This morning at #CNU17 we heard all about critical importance of bottom-up comprehensive planning for community buy-in on implementation. ... read more »

Recommend the walking tours!

I took the 3-hour driving tour of Denver at #CNU17 today, and it was wonderful to get out into all the traditional older neighborhoods with wonderful character and architecture. ... read more »

Marketing Sustainable Communities – Survivalists on the Rise

"You really need to know who you’re speaking to." ... read more »

Comprehensive Planning Session

Interesting presentation by Gianni Longo, of ACP Visioning & Planning, and staff and consultants in other cities going through the comp plan process. My notes from the session. #CNU17 ... read more »

Susan Barnes-Gelt in Denver Post: Principles of New Urbanism are "Recipe for Survival"

With CNU 17 ready to kick off in Denver just over a week from now, Denver Post columnist Susan Barnes-Gelt introduced a great package o ... read more »

Let's Tweet Up in Denver

If you haven't tried Twitter yet, CNU 17 may be the time to jump in and give it a try. ... read more »

Grady Clay's article in Horizon Magazine (1959)

This past week, CNU announced Grady Clay as one of the two recipients of this year's Athena Award, honoring outstanding work in laying the foundation for the ... read more »