"For the Record" Shines the Spotlight on CNU 19

What does Madison watch on Sunday morning for the latest and most pertinent news in the city? ... read more »

Kick off CNU 19 with "A Mayor's View of Milwaukee"

Kickstart your CNU 19 experience by joining CNU CEO & President John Norquist on his homecoming "A Mayor's View of Milwaukee" tour. Norquist will lead a day-long journey highlighting how he used New Urbanist strategies to revitalize downtown and other neighborhoods during his 1988-2004... read more »

Dive into the Discourse: "Disaster Strikes New Orleans: Hospitals Trashing the Beautiful City"

    The Salon Sessions at CNU 19, being held in the breakout rooms between 8 and 10pm on Thursday, 6/2, are where institutional opinions are pit head-to-head concerning some of the most pressing and vital urban-related issues of the day.  ... read more »

Jarrett Walker, CNU 19 panelist and blogger, Speaking at UW-Madison on Tue. 05/31

  CNU 19 attendees arriving early are invited to hear international transit consultant and blogger Jarrett Walker speak at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Tuesday, May 31st at 7:00 p.m. ... read more »

Dive into the Discourse: Seattle’s Tunnel vs Viaduct vs Surface+Transit Debate: The latest analysis from Nelson\Nygaard

Come visit the tables during the Salon Presentations at CNU 19, being held between 8 and 10pm on Thursday, 6/2. Check the Salons web page for the full slate of topics to be explored. Today's featured Salon Presentation: Seattle's Tunnel vs Viaduct vs Surface+Transit Debate: The latest ana... read more »

Featured 202 of the Day: John Nolen’s Lessons for New Urbanism and Beyond

CNU 19 in Madison is next week! Finalize your plans, and pick out your schedule today. Looking for a tour/202 combo to attend on Wednesday? ... read more »

What is Open Source Technology?

What is the simplest way to share an idea: Open Source. The Congress for the New Urbanism’s National Conference is hosting a venue for Open Source Technology. ... read more »

Magical Mystery Tour

"When a man buys a ticket for a Magical Mystery Tour, he knows what to expect."   But does he really, John? Ringo? Does he? Take the Mystery Tour to CNU 19: ... read more »