CNU 20 Speaker Richard Florida on "Why Cities Matter"

CNU 20 speaker Richard Florida is one on the main minds behind The Atlantic's The Atlantic Cities program. As Florida notes in his piece "Why Cities Matter," he has long felt that our urban areas deserve "the same kind of media playing field that is regularly devoted to subjects like politics, busin... read more »

Webcast of CNU 19's NU101: Introduction to the Principles of New Urbanism

Have you checked in at the CNU Webcast Library yet?Simply login to your account, and tap into the incredible knowledge base found at CNU 19 and CNU 18 by accessing audio-or-video-enabled webcasts of nearly all the sessions from the event.... read more »

CNU Webcast Library

... read more »

Tune In to CNU 19

Looking for a way to watch all of the amazing videos that have come forth so far from CNU 19?    ... read more »

CNU Public Square a Smashing Success - Goes on Hiatus till Next Round

Ideas have been congregating in full force at the CNU Public Square, as there have been over 225 submissions and suggestions to help shape CNU 20. At present, the Call for Ideas at the Public Square is now closed for a brief hiatus as we sort through the details. Stay tuned for more information... read more »

Photos from CNU 19: What One Urbanist Saw

See whole photo album of images "What One Urbanist Saw in Madison, WI" from CNU 19 and Sunday bicycle event, Ride The Drive:  Car-Free, Care-Free City Streets.  Lots of street scapes, street signage, bicyclists, neighborhoods, and farmer's market. read more »

What's the Bright Idea? CNU 20's Call for Ideas

With an amazing outpouring of fresh and innovative ideas from a broad cross-section of individuals young and old alike, CNU 19 was one of the more memorable Congress events in recent memory, and one that will prove hard to forget. ... read more »

Good Design Knows No Politics

Reconnecting America premiers its video series of interviews with some of the top minds and leaders at CNU 19. Watch as John Robert Smith discusses the need to move beyond partisanship to address infrastructure needs: ... read more »

Livestream of Closing Plenary with Andrés Duany and Charles Waldheim

For those of you not in Madison for CNU 19, be sure to click through on the banner below to catch the livestream of the Closing Plenary with Andrés Duany and Charles Waldheim:   ... read more »

Live from CNU 19, Day Three

First & Main Media captures the excitement of Day Three at CNU 19. Stay tuned for more as the Congress marches on. Join the discussion.  ... read more »