Synagogue options for Jewish CNU-goers

If you would like to spend Friday evening or Saturday morning in a synagogue, there are plenty of options- nothing within a few blocks of the Congress, but several within a 30-45 minute walk.  They include: Chabad ( meets at hotels on Palm Beach side.  Call 561-420-500... read more »

Late registration? Save $$ CNU 20 Registration for sale

CNU early registration for sale; my travel plans changed.  Will sell for $400. Name can be transferred. Contact Craig Williams 312.305.5557 or ... read more »

Looking to Share Hotel Space at CNU 20?

Looking to share a room at CNU 20? See the below note from an attendee and get in touch if interested: ... read more »

CNU 20 Preview with Andrés Duany

  ... read more »

CNU 20 Preview with Richard Florida

Richard Florida, author of the best-selling Rise of the Creative Class and The Great Reset, will be delivering the Friday Night Plenary at CNU 20 on May 11th, 2012. ... read more »

2012 Driehaus Form-Based Codes Award - Due March 19!

The Form-Based Codes Institute (FBCI) is hosting the sixth annual award for achievement in the writing and implementation of Form-Based Codes. Winners will be announced on May 11, 2012 at the CNU's 20th annual meeting in West Palm Beach, Florida. ... read more »

Why I brag about CNU

In my recent move to a new employer (Olsson Associates, for those of you curious), I highlighted my years of involvement with CNU as a key positive. Why do I do this? What's special about CNU, compared to other professional organizations like AIA, APA, or even ULI? ... read more »

The Adaptation Opportunity

I imagine we'll see some serious geoengineering ("options that would involve large-scale engineering of our environment in order to combat or counteract the effects of changes in atmospheric chemistry") proposals soon.  Many of us recognize the need to address adaptation at multiple scales and ... read more »

CNU 20 Speaker Richard Florida on "Why Cities Matter"

CNU 20 speaker Richard Florida is one on the main minds behind The Atlantic's The Atlantic Cities program. As Florida notes in his piece "Why Cities Matter," he has long felt that our urban areas deserve "the same kind of media playing field that is regularly devoted to subjects like politics, busin... read more »

Webcast of CNU 19's NU101: Introduction to the Principles of New Urbanism

Have you checked in at the CNU Webcast Library yet?Simply login to your account, and tap into the incredible knowledge base found at CNU 19 and CNU 18 by accessing audio-or-video-enabled webcasts of nearly all the sessions from the event.... read more »