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Todd Litman: Where We Want To Be: Home Location Preferences And Their Implications For New Urbanism

Description:  Todd Litman of the Victoria Transportation Institute reports on the history of desirability of living locations, and how our automobile dependent society has fueled sprawl development. Mr. Litman also outlines the benefits of Smart Gro... read more »

Gimme Shelter: Housing in Developing Countries

Description:  In many developing countries, unreliable infrastructure, economics, and societal needs mandate the basic principles of mixed-use new urbanism. However, scarce land, exorbitant land prices, and fear of appearing "backward" force develop... read more »

Housing Typologies and the Reurbanization of the Polycentric City

Description:  How can creative design and use of housing typologies give structure and coherence to the Polycentric City? What are new and innovative typologies that reinforce the urban structure at all scales, from that of the city to the neighborho... read more »