Portland, Oregon, 2000
Portland, Oregon, 2000

The Politics of Smart Growth: Current Battles for Regional Planning

Description:  Activists will talk about their experiences implementing innovative programs to overcome sprawl. They’ve played the hardball politics and gotten states to put regulations — and money — into better development patterns. The panelis... read more »

Civic Architecture

Description:  Howard S. Decker discusses the role of civic architecture in our cities, the creation of public spaces, and the overall responsibility of civic architecture to the community. Mr. Decker offers great insight to the idea of progress and ... read more »

Linking the Neighborhood and the Region: From Model to Reality

Description:  How well is New Urbanism fulfilling its promise of building good communities? What are the effects of tools like Urban Growth Boundaries and smart growth investment strategies? What models are working to make a difference at both the ne... read more »

Addressing the Challenges of Change

Description:  The Charter of the New Urbanism promotes mixed-income neighborhoods as the best model for cities and suburbs. But maintaining a mixed-income neighborhood is a balancing act. After public subsidies and careful planning jump-start revital... read more »

The Power of the Purse

Description:  California’s innovative State Treasurer has developed a “Smart Investments” strategy to concentrate infrastructure development in existing neighborhoods and near transit. He has received national recognition for his work. Find out... read more »

CNU 2000 Program

Description:  CNU 2000 (Portland, Oregon) taught participants about the evolving political landscape of the New Urbanist and Smart Growth movements, and how to deal with the difficult local politics of implementing New Urbanism. By coordinating with ... read more »