The Retail Development Crisis: What Now?

Description:  After two decades of unparalleled innovation and runaway growth, the retail industry has come to a halt. This situation affects the full range of retail projects from malls to smaller scale neighborhood retail. This session will feature... read more »

Implementation Strategies for Transit-Oriented Development

Description:  Though the real estate market in the US has come to a virtual standstill, one market that remains viable is Transit-Oriented Development. In fact, evidence is emerging that housing and mixed-use development within walking distance of hi... read more »

The Neighborhood: Models From the Edge to the Core

Description:  The neighborhood is central to the principles and practice of New Urbanism. This plenary explores a range of neighborhoods that have developed in the New York region. They cover the range of scales and densities from the edge to the cor... read more »

Checking the Codes: CNU's New Urbanist Land Development Regulations Project

Description:  Translating new urbanist principles into effective development regulations is a challenge for everyone from city council members to land use lawyers. Members working on CNU’s project on land development regulations briefly describe so... read more »