The Region

Description:  The Tri-State Region has the longest history of regional planning in the United States. In this plenary Robert Yaro will give an inside look at the legacy of the region’s foresight and what is happening in New York today. This Slides... read more »

The Regional Environment: New Initiatives to Protect Town & Country

Description:  This session will focus on cutting edge environmental initiatives. Harriet Tregoning, formerly with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, and now Secretary of Planning for the State of Maryland will share her insights into Chesape... read more »

Design: A Tale of Two Cities

Description:  The session will focus on the history and current challenges of architecture and urban design in New York City and Berlin, Germany. After World War II, New York and Berlin were both cut off from public investments that had built them up... read more »

Repairing the Urban Fabric: Designs for Making Cities Whole Again

Description:  The fallen, abandoned, and torn down pieces of the city that once represented a bold, new image of the future are gone. They will be replaced with projects that are already being recognized for their greatness of vision and their modest... read more »

Award Winning Town Design Strategies

Description:  This session highlights three exceptional projects that are recipients of this year’s Charter Awards. Now that New Urbanism is gaining acceptance in the marketplace, creativity and innovation is moving to a new level. This large-scale... read more »

Opening Session

Description:  Welcome and Message from the Chairman of the Board; Welcome from the Local Host Committee and Introduction to New York: From Neighborhood to Region; Welcome and Introduction of Keynote Speakers; As the Governor of Maryland and Chair... read more »

The Neighborhood: Models From the Edge to the Core

Description:  The neighborhood is central to the principles and practice of New Urbanism. This plenary explores a range of neighborhoods that have developed in the New York region. They cover the range of scales and densities from the edge to the cor... read more »

New Rail Towns: If We Build it Will it Make a Difference?

Description:  This session presents a snapshot of the latest innovations in American transit oriented development (TOD). We will draw on developers’ insights on two new projects: building consensus in Pleasant Hill, California to turn a train stati... read more »

Checking the Codes: CNU's New Urbanist Land Development Regulations Project

Description:  Translating new urbanist principles into effective development regulations is a challenge for everyone from city council members to land use lawyers. Members working on CNU’s project on land development regulations briefly describe so... read more »

Building Successful Regions: Jobs and Housing on the Regional Scale

Description:  Experts agree that placing jobs near housing is critical to reducing transportation costs, improving air quality, and creating a better quality of life. But from a practical perspective, how can this difficult task be accomplished? Our ... read more »