Why is New Urbanism Important?

Description:  A presentation highlighting the key attributes of New Urbanism both with text and a photo slideshow. An outline of the benefits New Urbanism has to offer is laid out. ... read more »

Codes College

Description:  Principles of Smartgrowth; Many communities have comprehensive plans that call for the planning strategies that have come to be known as “smart growth.” There has been much written about what that means: it boils down to compact, ... read more »

Codes College

Description:  Making New Urbanist Codes Work Legally; Part Two of the three-part curriculum on new urbanist codes and regulations with a focus on Mixing Design and Law presents ways to translate design into the legal language of regulation at the mun... read more »

The South Florida Experience: Resort to Suburb to Metropolis

Description:  South Florida is unlike any place in the United States. In 100 years, its coastal resorts and wilderness have become some of the country’s most ethnically diverse communities. Today, as suburban sprawl threatens the Everglades, the re... read more »

Rebuilding the American City with Transit: The State of the Practice of Transit-Oriented Development

Description:  There is no simple recipe for implementing transit-oriented development (TOD). This session looks at suburban case studies to find the ingredients for successful TODs. Community partnerships, understanding real estate, planning for grow... read more »

CNU X Program

Description:  CNU X (Miami Beach, 2002) concentrated on the pressing issue of retrofitting post-war suburbia, and attempted to articulate strategies for the hundreds of first ring suburbs seeking walkable, urbane downtowns. The Congress featured an o... read more »