The Not-for-Profit as Developer: Tips and Tricks

Description:  6/2/06 10:00-11:00am Not-for-profits, including community development corporations, universities, hospitals, religious organizations, and arts groups, have a huge role to play in development. As large land owners, particularly in urban ... read more »

New Urbanism in Latin America*

Description:  Cultural, formal and conceptual adaptations are not unfamiliar to the New Urbanism. This session will present Latin American development case studies involving the dissemination of academic information, the design and implementation of ... read more »

Transfer of Development Rights: Saving Farms, Strengthening Neighborhoods*

Description:  A growing number of states are advancing the transfer of development rights to preserve agricultural lands and traditions. Learn how this legislation is being used in Florida, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. With particular emphasis on Ch... read more »

Globalizing New Urbanism: It's a Big World Out There*

Description:  As affluence increases in developing countries like China and India, common sense within the development community seems to decrease—just as it did in the United States. Current trends reject time-honored patterns of urban fabric in f... read more »

Developing Across the Transect in Philadelphia*

Description:  Four new urbanist developers from across the Delaware Valley discuss the challenges of creating mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods in one of America's oldest metropolitan areas. From urban infill in Center City to greenfield Traditional ... read more »

Friday Morning Plenary*

Description:  Doing Well by Doing Good: Talk Show with Top Developers How much is the New Urbanism changing mainstream real estate development? How does it work within the constraints of conventional development structure, finance, and approvals? Lea... read more »

The Mythical Parking Shortage: Managing Supply and Demand*

Description:  Parking requirements are a principal difference between the New Urbanism and the old. Today, the strongest determinant of urban form is neither density, nor floor/area ratio, but parking spaces. How can we accommodate the automobile whi... read more »

The Detroit Sessions Part II: Detroit Developers and Their Projects*

Description:  The American city most damaged in the post-war era may stand to gain the most in the 21st century. A panel of experienced Detroit developers will lay the foundation for a new wave of “Motor City” development. They will share their e... read more »

The Detroit Sessions Part I: Downtown Development Strategies*

Description:  Conventional wisdom fails to capture downtown Detroit’s potential, from its institutional assets to its excellent architecture. Building on the 9th annual University of Michigan Detroit Charrette and the Brookings Institution study of... read more »

Retail Along the Transect: Getting It Right in Urban Environments*

Description:  This session will look at where retail fits along the Transect and offer lessons learned from a major retail/mixed-use developer. Discover techniques and strategies for developing urban mixed-use projects in a suburban market context, i... read more »