Tools for Accessible Communities

Description:  Developing accessible communities—places that provide visitable housing and that support mobility—makes clear sense. Including supportive features at initial construction improves the supply of accessible dwellings and reduces the n... read more »

Accessible Communities: Accommodating Our Booming Population

Description:  Vibrant communities accommodate aging and diversity! Presenters explained why it’s critical to design visitable homes across all transects and will show visitable housing prototypes developed by UDA (for Habitat), the IDEA Center at S... read more »

Access, Urbanism and the Future of Cities*

Description:  Despite the existence of the ADA and Federal Fair Housing Act, many who need it continue to encounter a lack of accessibility. Many new urbanists fear the loss of traditional building types while accessibility advocates believe they can... read more »

The Coming Demand: Building for Our Aging Population

Description:  This session will showcase essential techniques and strategies for enhancing the sustainability of the traditional urban form. Find out what population densities are needed to make transit viable, how to treat stormwater on-site across ... read more »