Certifying New Urbanism

Description:  The marriage of the terms certification and New Urbanism has been discussed for some time. Now, with rating systems gaining currency in the green building movement, there’s new urgency to the question: Should new urbanist projects be ... read more »

The Fate of the Arterial

Description:  Arterials are the streets we love to hate — but what will replace them? CNU’s Transportation Task Force members imagine that many will evolve into new urbanist boulevards and avenues, but others will have to do a better job of carry... read more »

Tutorials on Type

Description:  Certain building types are essential to implementing New Urbanism. In this session focused on understanding type as the cornerstone in the creation of sustainable places, designers and developers will focus on three component parts of n... read more »

New Urbanism on the Prairie

Description:  The railroad lines stretching out into the prairies surrounding Chicago seeded many compact, pedestrian-friendly towns and cities. These historic communities serve as models for new urbanists. Whether they are downstate cities, collar c... read more »