Form-Based Coding for Results: What's Working, What's Not

Description:  Now that form-based codes are gaining acceptance within the planning field, it's time to critically examine what is being written and adopted. This session will look at common problems with implementing a FBC, including the work done (o... read more »

Can Form-Based Coding Become a Best Practice Instead of an Exotic Alternative to Zoning?

Description:  Most form-based codes replace conventional zoning for a specific geographic area so that a physical plan can be carried out. What steps can local governments take so that form-based codes can become the norm rather than the exception? T... read more »

Implementing Form-Based Codes*

Description:  More and more cities across the country are adopting form-based codes. The process of form-based code (including SmartCode) preparation is well-documented, but what happens after official adoption? Experienced form-based code practition... read more »

Big City Zoning

Description:  Big cities across the nation are overhauling their zoning codes to encourage good development and design practices. This session will focus on the successful approaches used to obtain broad community and political support for a new zoni... read more »

Codes College

Description:  Making New Urbanist Codes Work Legally; Part Two of the three-part curriculum on new urbanist codes and regulations with a focus on Mixing Design and Law presents ways to translate design into the legal language of regulation at the mun... read more »

Anatomy of New Urbanist Zoning Codes

Description:  From design codes for individual projects to municipally administered citywide zoning, new urbanist coding has evolved. This session looks inside the codes to study the provisions that public agencies are using to implement New Urbanism... read more »