Sustainable Thinking and Architectural Form

Description:  Sustainable design considerations open new possibilities for architectural forms to reflect and recognize our respect for life and living processes. Blending new technologies with a deep understanding of tradition can create opportuniti... read more »

Green Council Working Session

Description:  Saturday, April 5, 2008 9:45 AM - 12:30 PM As a follow-up to the Green Council held in Alexandria, Va., this working session builds on work laid at this historic event. John Norquist presents a slideshow documenting how urbanism is a co... read more »

Sustainability and the New Infrastructure: Where Did the Pipes Go?

Description:  6/2/06 10:00-11:00am Infrastructure, the most ancient and unchanging of all the building arts, is finally being rethought. Come hear sustainability pioneers discuss innovative projects, such as New York City's first-ever standards for H... read more »

Stormwater Management for Urbanists*

Description:  Satisfying increasingly rigorous stormwater management requirements in new urbanist developments remains both an art and a science. Rising density raises the challenge. Proper design and implementation of stormwater management systems c... read more »

Linking the Neighborhood and the Region: From Model to Reality

Description:  How well is New Urbanism fulfilling its promise of building good communities? What are the effects of tools like Urban Growth Boundaries and smart growth investment strategies? What models are working to make a difference at both the ne... read more »

Techniques for Sustainable Urbanism

Description:  This session will showcase essential techniques and strategies for enhancing the sustainability of the traditional urban form. Find out what population densities are needed to make transit viable, how to treat stormwater on-site across ... read more »

The Sustainable City

Description:  The last ten years have produced a burst of visionary principles and standards designed to reform patterns of human settlement—Ahwahnee, Hanover, Aalborg Charter, CNU Charter, Smart Growth, LEED, and theTransect. As a result, today th... read more »