Pattern Books and Production Builders

Description:  Since before the industrial revolution, most urbanism has been created with production building. London’s terrace housing, New York’s brownstones, Victorian neighborhoods, and the garden cities of the twenties were created by builde... read more »

Working with the Modernist Legacy

Description:  In both Europe and North America, cities are reworking modernist buildings and spaces, sometimes to re-establish traditional urban space, sometimes to create new forms. Panelists will explore the promise of modifying and humanizing mode... read more »

Techniques for Sustainable Urbanism

Description:  This session will showcase essential techniques and strategies for enhancing the sustainability of the traditional urban form. Find out what population densities are needed to make transit viable, how to treat stormwater on-site across ... read more »

The Sustainable City

Description:  The last ten years have produced a burst of visionary principles and standards designed to reform patterns of human settlement—Ahwahnee, Hanover, Aalborg Charter, CNU Charter, Smart Growth, LEED, and theTransect. As a result, today th... read more »

CNU XII Program

Description:  CNU XII (Chicago, 2004) brought a record 1375 attendees to Chicago for a Congress built around the theme, "Blocks, Streets, and Buildings Today: The New City Beautiful." A set of sessions explored different visions of urbanism that have... read more »