Developing Authentic Places: The Hipster Effect

Description:  The youth of today are rediscovering the excitement that living in a city brings—seeking out, discovering and oftentimes helping to create the coolest places one can find. Join us for a conversation about the increasing complexity tha... read more »

Integrating Transit into Urbanism: Key Ingredients for Success

Description:  Do standards for transit and TOD risk losing the unique character of places? Or can we use these standards to guarantee performance? Explore the ingredients that have been critical in creating successful and high-performing places aroun... read more »

Reducing CO2 Emissions through Parking and Transportation Demand Management

Description:  People driving to and from most buildings produce more CO2 emissions than the buildings themselves. In order to meet our nation’s CO2 reduction targets, we can’t just build green buildings and invest in cleaner vehicles – we must ... read more »

Implementation Strategies for Transit-Oriented Development

Description:  Though the real estate market in the US has come to a virtual standstill, one market that remains viable is Transit-Oriented Development. In fact, evidence is emerging that housing and mixed-use development within walking distance of hi... read more »

Right-Sizing Parking for TODs and Mixed-Use

Description:  The biggest challenge in a Transit-Oriented Development is getting the parking right. New national research proves what has been intuitively obvious: TODs are over-parked. Reducing parking to match actual performance has big implicatio... read more »

Smart Transit

Description:  Successful transit-oriented development requires a balance of transit design to welcome development, retrofitting streets to slow traffic, the right mix of development products, and achieving a community consensus. This session looks at... read more »

TOD in Distressed Communities*

Description:  By 2030, demand for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is expected to double. However, rebuilding around transit stops in established yet distressed neighborhoods continues to face significant challenges. Meet these challenges with cutt... read more »

New Rail Towns: If We Build it Will it Make a Difference?

Description:  This session presents a snapshot of the latest innovations in American transit oriented development (TOD). We will draw on developers’ insights on two new projects: building consensus in Pleasant Hill, California to turn a train stati... read more »

Rebuilding the American City with Transit: The State of the Practice of Transit-Oriented Development

Description:  There is no simple recipe for implementing transit-oriented development (TOD). This session looks at suburban case studies to find the ingredients for successful TODs. Community partnerships, understanding real estate, planning for grow... read more »

Transit-Oriented Development: Making it Work in the Marketplace

Description:  Intensive seminar with leading experts of new urbanism ... read more »