Great Streets and Multiway Boulevard Design

Description:  This session explored the design of multi-way boulevards within the context of Great Streets, with an emphasis on recent lessons learned, the ecological design opportunities of boulevards, and some of the devils to be found in the detai... read more »

Back to Boulevards

Description:  6/2/06 4:00pm-5:00pm Surface streets have replaced freeways in San Francisco,New York, Portland, and Milwaukee. Now Buffalo, Louisville, and Seattle are all contemplating what to do with crumbling urban freeways that separate their do... read more »

Multiway Boulevards: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow*

Description:  This session explores the many dimensions of multiway boulevards, from their early history, evolution, adaptation, and fall into disfavor in American cities to their rediscovered appropriateness today as complex, multi-modal places. Thr... read more »

Reviving Boulevards and Avenues as Major Thoroughfares

Description:  Presentation describing complete streetscapes, and context sensitive solutions in street design. Contains case studies from numerous cities nationwide with data to support complete streets equipped with walkable sidewalks, bike lanes, ... read more »