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Rolland M. Crawford: International Code Council (ICC): 2009 Code Development Process

Description:  Presenter Rolland M. Crawford, Retired Fire Chief and Fire Marshal provides a brief overview of the 2009 schedule of proposed code changes that will influence and improve smart city planning. The 2009 Portland Summit focused on the imp... read more »

FBC Building Types

Description:  Organizing a code around specific building types and their precise dimensional requirements is common in form-based codes, often in contrast to using measures such as FAR, height, and density. How does the use of building types work? Wh... read more »

Form Based Code Organizing Principles

Description:  In Form-Based Codes, the zones are categorized by the intensity of physical form. A variety of organizing principles regulate the scale, form, and intensity of development rather than emphasizing land uses. Those organizing principles i... read more »

Checking the Codes: CNU's New Urbanist Land Development Regulations Project

Description:  Translating new urbanist principles into effective development regulations is a challenge for everyone from city council members to land use lawyers. Members working on CNU’s project on land development regulations briefly describe so... read more »

CNU IX Program

Description:  CNU IX (New York City, 2001) focused tightly on four tracks: the region, the neighborhood, design, and codes. Most of the conference was devoted to large group sessions, placing the emphasis on the plenary speakers. The first day offere... read more »