Building Beautifully: Placing Craftsmanship Alongside Architecture and Urbanism in New Urbanism

Description:  The growing critique of many new urbanist developments is that the architecture and build quality do not measure up to the quality of the urbanism. In an era of economic uncertainty, the fear is that desperation in the development commu... read more »

New Urbanism in Latin America*

Description:  Cultural, formal and conceptual adaptations are not unfamiliar to the New Urbanism. This session will present Latin American development case studies involving the dissemination of academic information, the design and implementation of ... read more »

Affordable Housing: The Vitality of Design*

Description:  Design has a major impact on how communities are perceived by their city and greater region as a whole. Learn creative design elements and financing vehicles currently utilized by leading designers and developers. Speakers will discuss ... read more »

CNU IX Program

Description:  CNU IX (New York City, 2001) focused tightly on four tracks: the region, the neighborhood, design, and codes. Most of the conference was devoted to large group sessions, placing the emphasis on the plenary speakers. The first day offere... read more »